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The story of Triyama Coffee

What is Triyama Coffee?

We are coffee exporters who have been exploring the international world for a long time, especially Japan. Our superior products are civet coffee or luwak kopi, luwak peaberry, wine coffee. Why do we say superior? Because our civet coffee product has been recognized worldwide.
Indonesia is known as one of the best commodity suppliers in the world, due to Indonesia’s position which is right to separate the equator, this has made the land of Indonesia called the land of heaven and even created a song “kolam susu” which describes the fertility of Indonesian soil from the words “stick,” wood and stone become plants “has very good potential for plantations, agriculture, one of which is the Pangalengan area, West Java because it is located close to Mount Tilu.


There are several features of the products that we Produce as follows :

Raw materials

Raw Materials are obtained directly from farmers and without the presence of a second party intermediary


Sorting process

Before the production process is caried out first, control is made for the quality of raw materials through a clean washing process and the sorting process of coffee beans to ensure the best quality.


Based on orders

Production is based on orders, meaning that we never mass produce coffee then stored for a long time. This ensures that the coffee we produce is always fresh.


Gusset package

Using a gusset package with one way valve, meaning that this package is equipped with an air gap that functions to remove the gas produced by coffee and certainly does not make air from outside enter the package


Pure coffee

Pure coffee produced, no other coffee bean mix.


Attractive price

Attractive price offer, even able to compete in the market based on the quality offered

World Of Coffee

Common Term In The World Of Coffe
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    Green Bean


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    Roasted Bean


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    Ground Coffee


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    Raw Bean


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