This is quite worrying because the waste of disposable masks, plastic gloves and many other single-use products ends up being wasted. This rubbish is difficult to decipher and is increasing in number every day. Seeing this, a Vietnamese – Canadian company engaged in footwear, ShoeX, designed an eco-friendly, biodegradable, vegetable-based and amazingly coffee-made mask!

They designed this mask using a special technology called Powerknit Technology. The mask, which is named AirX Mask, consists of two components that make it up, namely threads made of coffee made from Powerknit Technology and an air filter insert made of coffee!

This AirX mask can be used repeatedly for 30 days and is safe to use for humans. This mask is tested for the antimicrobial properties of coffee grounds and has obtained AATCC 100 certification, the textile industry standard for antimicrobial performance of fabrics in the United States. So it is definitely safe for health, huh!

This mask consists of five colors, namely white, black, gray, blue and coffee chocolate. For the price alone, it costs roughly $ 19. For those of you who are interested, it seems that you have to be discouraged because until now they have not entered Indonesia. But the presence of this mask can at least be an alternative for anyone who cares more about this waste-filled earth!

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